Relentless Software reveals Quiz Climber

Buzz! if you know of studio's other games.

Brighton-based Buzz! mastermind Relentless Software has announced a new iPhone game called Quiz Climber.

It's coming out this spring courtesy of Angry Birds publisher Chillingo.

Quiz Climber combines quiz and leaderboard for an "amazingly addictive" experience, reckons Relentless co-founder Andrew Eades.

"We thought it would be great if you could play a quiz with all your friends and family and see how well you did," he said, quizzically. I wonder if he lunches at Quiznos.

"The gameplay sounds simple but it's amazingly addictive as you overtake your friends whilst climbing the leaderboards."

Having been responsible for along list of Buzz! quiz games on PS2 and then PS3, Relentless' aplomb for the genre isn't in question.

Quiz Climber follows Blue Toad Murder Files on Relentless Software's quest for a self-published, digital future.

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