The 3rd Birthday coming to PSN after all

Shock horror.

Parasite Eve sequel The 3rd Birthday will be available to download from PSN as well as bought in shops.

That's according to an announcement from Square Enix, reported by Andriasang.

In Japan, the game will be released on 22nd December in shops and on PSN. A Western release is yet to be announced we're chasing that up now. But it's not impossible to access the Japanese PlayStation Store, is it?

Last month Square Enix told Eurogamer European fans can expect a release date announcement soon.

US gamers will get it at some point during the first three months of 2011.

The 3rd Birthday is a PSP shooter that marks a "new start" for the Parasite Eve series.

It features a female lead character whose clothes rip off as she fights horrible beasties.

The original Parasite Eve, released for PSOne in 1998, was a survival horror role-playing game that did rather well.

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