PS3-exclusive DLC for AC Brotherhood

UPDATE: Ubisoft alters date.

Update: Ubisoft has informed us that Copernicus Conspiracy will be available from 19th November - the original date was wrong.

Original story: PlayStation 3 owners will be the beneficiaries of exclusive free downloadable content for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Ubisoft has announced.

Copernicus Conspiracy will be exclusive to PS3 and accessible for download from the PlayStation Network for free from 18th November – the day of the game's release.

The add-on will add several new missions. An exclusive mission giver, the famous Renaissance astronomer Copernicus, will provide courier, assassination and protection type tasks.

As Ezio, the player will be charged with foiling the conspiracy against Copernicus and defending his philosophy.

Simon Parkin went hands-on for Eurogamer last month.


Copernicus Conspiracy. Copernicus Supremacy and Copernicus Ultimatum on the way?

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