Nintendo hints at 3DS launch line-up

Ocarina of Time, Pilotwings are first up.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Pilotwings Resort, Nintendogs + Cats and Steel Diver will be the first party 3DS launch titles, judging by a release schedule included in Nintendo's annual fiscal report.

The list, posted by GoNintendo, states that the four games are down for a Spring release in Japan.

Kid Icarus: Uprising is listed merely for 2011. Mario Kart, Paper Mario, Animal Crossing and Starfox 64 3D are all down as "TBA".

Nintendo gave us a sneak peak at all of these titles in a showreel last month - have a look below.

It's unclear which third party games are set to join Link and co. on launch day but EA's My Garden looks fairly likely to be among them.

The 3DS will launch in Japan on 26th February 2011, with European and US releases expected in March. It's going to be really, really cool.

Nintendo 3DS software showreel

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