Practice DJ Hero 2 online now

My score is better than yours.

How can you try DJ Hero 2 without a turntable peripheral and a console? By going to the DJ Hero website on your PC and playing a specially crafted mini-game. That's how.

You'll be asked to do three things: press a mouse button when the little circled notes travel past you; press either the left or right arrow keys (or A or D keys) in the direction the coloured line bends; and hold the mouse button down and run the mouse backwards and forwards to scratch.

I played Lady Gaga Ft. Colby O'Donis versus Deadmaus and scored 1245. Can you beat me? Unlikely.

The mini-game isn't quite DJ Hero 2 - due out 29th October - but the demo should give you a good idea of the funky music on offer and the game's controls.

To find out how the sequel is shaping up, read Christian Donlan's Eurogamer preview.

EGTV explores DJ Hero 2.

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