Telltale's BTTF game free with Blu-ray

Great Scott!

Anyone purchasing the impending Back to the Future trilogy Blu-ray will receive a code allowing you to download the first episode of Telltale's forthcoming game tie-in for free.

According to Joystiq, an insert in the Blu-ray pack lists a URL where you can redeem the code. The address currently just sends you to the game's homepage.

There's a twist though. The code 121GIGAWATTS does not appear to be unique, suggesting anyone can take advantage of the offer, irrespective of whether they purchased the Blu-ray or not.

We've followed up with Telltale for clarification and to find out whether the offer will extend outside of the US.

The Sam & Max developer also recently announced that it has a Jurassic Park game in the offing.

Telltale's Back to the Future game is due for Mac and PC later this year, while the Blu-ray set of the three movies is out on 25th October.

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