Runic reveals Torchlight sequel

Has co-op, due spring 2011.

Runic Games has revealed Torchlight II, a sequel to last year's acclaimed Diablo-like action RPG.

This will be available as a digital download only in spring 2011.

Co-op is the biggest new feature. This uses a peer-to-peer system to hook friends up in endless randomised outdoor and indoor areas. There's no mention of the co-op player limit.

You'll create and customise a character this time, picking whether to be male or female, what you look like, and then which of the four classes you'd like to pursue (there were only three in the first game). You'll pick an animal companion, too, and they'll level up alongside you.

The interesting retirement ability is back, and allows high level characters to be permanently shelved in order to bestow benefits and perks on new characters.

The user interface has apparently been overhauled and, thank god, fishing has returned. Modding will also feature once more.

Check out Eurogamer's Torchlight review for an idea of what to expect.

A better name for a sequel is obviously Floodlight.

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