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PlayStation Plus relaunching and Creative Assembly's surprising new game

Plus: A musou explainer! A touching visual novel! And more.

It's Weekly time, which means strap in while we recap the week on Eurogamer for you. All you have to do is press play. I know, I know, we're spoiling you - you don't even have to read the site any more (note: you definitely do).

My guests are Martin "the chief" Robinson and Chris "the brain" Tapsell, and we've got a lot to talk about. There's the whole PlayStation Plus relaunch, for starters. Is it any good? Chris has thoughts, as you might have already read, and Martin has plenty too.

Chris also has plenty to say about a game he reviewed this week called Milky Way Star - The Vampire Prince, a visual novel that sounds fascinating when explained. Meanwhile, Martin explains the charms of musou games, as we talk Fire Emblem: Three Hopes, then tells us about his candid interview with DICE about what's next for Battlefield 2042, following its disastrous launch. He's a big fan and suffice to say, he's enthused.

All that plus some chit-chat about Creative Assembly's new game Hyenas, which we're on the fence about; Yuji Naka hanging out with Michael Jackson, which, yeah; plus lots more feature-talk, news-talk and video-talk besides.

Weekly is released every Friday for supporters, while everyone else listens from Monday. I hope you enjoy the show. We'll see you next week.

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