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Watch the worst video game trailer ever to appear on the official PlayStation YouTube channel

It's not gr-r-reat!

Yesterday, Sony quietly uploaded quite possibly the worst video game trailer ever to appear on the official PlayStation YouTube channel.

The video, below, is titled "Life of Black Tiger - Preview Trailer | PS4". Watch it. It's a complete horror show.

The game appears to be about a tiger who kills humans and animals. The graphics are awful. The frame-rate looks single digit. The blood spatters are pathetic. And the animations look like they're from the PSone era. Actually, there are no animations.

My favourite bit is when the tiger swipes and a few men with spears jump in the air before crashing to the ground, dead.

Scratch that. My favourite bit is when the tiger does one swipe and takes out a dozen dogs who fly off.

The disastrous trailer is set against music seemingly lifted from an anime, because of course it is.

I hadn't heard of Life of Black Tiger, but it appears to be a port of a mobile game released in 2014 by a Russian game company called 1Games. Its website is pretty cool.

As you'd expect, the video hasn't gone down well on the PlayStation YouTube channel, where it's currently got over 6500 downvotes. It's had over 100,000 views, though.

Here's a selection of comments:

"Free game for PS Plus?" Brandon Willis wonders.

pimpmafuqa11 says: "So is this Sony's petty attempt at downplaying the switch reveal?"


I don't know what's worse: this trailer, or the suggestion this game will appear on the PS4 in some form. Who at Sony approved it? Come on, own up. Unlike tiger here, we won't bite.

Time for a counterpoint, as suggested by Eurogamer reader Devil_N. Check out this promo for Gravity Rush 2 that's on the official PlayStation Japan YouTube channel. It's amazing!

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