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Watch the full trailer for the Tekken Netflix animated show

Just can't wait to see King.

Tekken will be adapted into a Netflix animated show, releasing on 18th August.

Tekken: Bloodline will of course feature all your favourite fighters competing at The King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Check out the trailer below to see Jin Kazama, Heihachi Mishima, King and more in action.

Tekken: Bloodline | Official Trailer

Jin seems to be the lead character in the show, on a revenge path against a monstrous evil that destroyed his family.

Inevitably, that leads him to the iconic fighting tournament.

Tekken: Bloodline follows the Castlevania and League of Legends animated series, both of which have been well-received by fans.

There's also the forthcoming Cyberpunk: Edgerunners - check out the opening sequence here.

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