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WarGames video game reboot launches 14th March

Their story.

The WarGames video game reboot launches later this month.

It's the next game from Her Story creator Sam Barlow, who has penned a six-episode interactive video series that kicks off on iOS and Steam on 14th March, with an Xbox One version due out afterwards.

Barlow's WarGames is a reboot of the 1983 film about a teen hacker. In the game, you play the story of Kelly, "an ex-military brat turned hacker activist" who fights for her family. You switch between video feeds and the series "learns" from your choices.

It's a busy time for Barlow. He's got the aforementioned WarGames as well as a sequel to Her Story in the works. Her Story was a big hit at Eurogamer. Simon Parkin recommended it in his Her Story review, while we voted Her Story one of our games of 2015.

"As my brain fired and theories twanged around my head, the game was right there with me, keeping pace," Bertie said of it in his year-end review. "Her Story let me run wild, let me gorge, let me devour it. How great to be given such freedom of experience, and how obvious it now seems, ceding complete narrative control to the player, because in doing so you bring a person that much more mindfully and actively into what you've created."

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