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UK spends £64/month on Xbox 360

And more than 10 per cent over £100.

UK Xbox 360 owners spend an average of £64 a month on games, Microsoft has declared.

And 13 per cent spend over £100.

That's according to a survey carried out by Microsoft's advertising branch, reported on MCV. Canvassed were 251 Xbox 360 gamers aged between 25 and 34 years-old, and most revealed hardcore gaming habits. What a happy coincidence.

Of that 251-person sample, 83 per cent play Xbox 360 games three to four days a week. And nearly half (41 per cent), play games every day for three or four hours.

The majority preferred shooters, then racers, then RPGs.

With such a lot of time spent gaming, could their spending habits be classed as disproportionately high?

Microsoft's chief advertisement researcher used the survey to conclude that gamers are "an attractive proposition for marketers".

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