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Treasure is making a Gaist Crusher sequel with Capcom

But will it come to the west?

Sin & Punishment and Gunstar Heroes developer Treasure is teaming with Capcom to create a sequel to its 3DS boss hunting outing, Gaist Crusher.

Named Gaist Crusher God, this sequel is unfortunately unconfirmed for a western release and things are looking unlikely for it given that the first Gaist Crusher never made it outside of its native Japan.

According to Dengeki (via Siliconera), the first Gaist Crusher only sold a trifling 8053 units, so it's surprising that a sequel has been greenlit at all. The series also has manga and anime iterations, so perhaps those will give it a boost in the public eye.

The First Gaist Crusher also received a bit of love by Capcom who gave the game some crossover creatures from Monster Hunter 4.

Capcom released the following trailer for Gaist Crusher God. Based on its visuals and Treasure's pedigree, it looks pretty rad so hopefully it'll best the odds and make it to European shores.

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Gaist Crusher

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Gaist Crusher God

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