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The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 6

Warmongering with Midway, Virtua Tennis 3 and Steve Davis.

Tune in to EGTV this morning and you'll catch a brand new episode of The Eurogamer TV Show, with a triple whammy of in-depth features to give you the perfect excuse to start the working week with a 25-minute skive.

After a tortuous development process of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-like proportions, BattleStations Midway will at last be dropping anchor in the next few months. Eidos Hungary's inaugural gaming voyage is an ambitious war game, blending direct-control dogfighting, with fleet-commanding real-time strategy.

EGTV charts the project which, after initially misfiring on PS2, Xbox and, yes, Gizmondo, and very nearly sinking into the Stygian depths of cancellation, has re-emerged more naturally as a next-gen title on 360, accompanying the PC release.

The backdrop of HMS Belfast, moored on London's south bank, provided a fascinating opportunity to appreciate the Second World War title in its historical context, with producer Klaude Thomas below deck to talk us through the team's risky battle plan.

Also this week, a look at Sega's latest sports sequels, in the shape of Virtua Tennis 3 and World Snooker Championship 2007. VT has been the top-ranked tennis game since the turn of the century for good reason. But with recent young upstarts like Rockstar Table Tennis and Wii Sports Tennis seizing the racquet in new and exciting ways, Sega has to work that bit harder to prove the series' next-gen debut is still king of the court.

AM3 and Sumo Digital return our interview serves and volleys, and we've also plundered the latest PS3 code to bring you stacks of exclusive footage. And very pretty it looks, too.

World Snooker Championship is another benchmark sports franchise making the leap to next-gen for the first time. But EGTV keeps it strictly old-skool, shooting a frame or two with that ginger giant of the game, Steve Davis. He might have six world titles under his belt, but can he handle the pressure of performing a trick shot when faced with the unrelenting glare of the EGTV camera? (Clue: he did slightly better than us).

Episode 6 of The Eurogamer TV Show is now showing on EGTV.

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