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Spelunky-esque platforming roguelike 99 Levels to Hell out tomorrow

Think Derek Yu's masterpiece crossed with a shooter and plenty of metal and blood.

Indie developer B-Evil's action/platformer roguelike 99 Levels to Hell comes out later today for PC and Mac on GoG, Desura and IndieCity where it will cost $9.99.

99 Levels to Hell is described by the developer as "cut from the same cloth as Spelunky but comes coated in a metal soundtrack and more guns, blood, and top hat tomfoolery."

The art style resembles a metal riff on Terraria and while the rapid-fire pacing and destructible environments look more akin to something like Bro-Force.

B-Evil explained that the game's title is a lie and there are actually 100 levels, with shortcuts every 10 levels that unlock after a boss fight. This way you won't have to start all the way over when you succumb to the game's permadeath.

The full game will consist of 25 enemy types, 50 items, and loads of hidden rooms, shortcuts, and unlockable characters.

While the game won't feature co-op, developer Bo Blond Daugaard said, "I might do co-op as an update later on, it was in the original concept for the game," in a comment on Rock, Paper Shotgun.

See 99 Levels to Hell in action in the launch trailer below. If you dig its netherworldly groove, feel free to vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

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99 Levels to Hell

PC, Mac

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