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Sony quietly launches revised PlayStation 5 model with new screw

UPDATE: Stock now available in UK.

UPDATE 12.30pm: Stock of the new PlayStation 5 model is filtering through to the UK, Eurogamer has been told.

Eurogamer reader booshmightythe has provided photos of the unit, including its infamous screw, purchased last week at UK retailer Smyth's Toys:

ORIGINAL STORY 10.40am Sony has quietly launched a new PlayStation 5 model, beginning in Australia.

Fresh stock of the in-demand console was found by Aussie outlet Press-Start to bear a revised serial number, a slightly lighter weight... and a new screw.

Specifically, this is the screw used to attach the console's base stand. The new version is designed so it can be adjusted by hand rather than a screwdriver.

It appears other parts have been changed too, as the model is slightly lighter, by 300g. But we'll have to wait for a closer look inside - no one has yet reported cracking one of the new models open to take a look.

The revised model is designated as the CFI-1100 series, a change from the CFI-1000 series originals. Both disc and digital versions of the console are believed to have received these changes.

It's not unusual for console manufacturers to tweak console models from time to time, as certain parts become cheaper or easier to find.

Image credit: Eurogamer/Alistair Smith.

We've asked Sony when the new model will likely hit UK shores.

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