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Solskjaer practises on Football Manager

Doesn't want to let new club down.

Former Manchester United super-sub Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has admitted to using Football Manager to practise for his new position as manager of Molde Fotbalklubb - a top Norwegian team (and nothing to do with damp).

"I've played a lot of Championship Manager and Football Manager in recent years. Now I try myself as well," Solskjaer revealed to TV 2 Sport, reported by Gamer.no.

Solskjaer, a man blessed with the face of eternal youth, said he'd not tried for glory with Molde FC in Football Manager yet.

"No," he affirmed, "but I have been playing a lot of Molde on FIFA in recent months. Without going so well."

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer remained at Manchester United in a coaching capacity after retiring from professional football due to a serious knee injury. He was made full-time manager of United's reserve team in 2008.

Football Manager 2011.

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Football Manager 2011

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