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RuneScape user-made content coming

Clan Citadels have sandbox battlefields.

This month, on 26th July, RuneScape will welcome a Clan Citadels expansion and offer guilds their own customisable flying castles.

The star feature of these citadels is clan battlefields - sandboxes where you can create your own RuneScape content. By using a Battlefield Editor you can make anything from capture the flag variants to all-out clan versus clan wars. Once saved, you can invite clan members and even outsiders to play your creation.

Clan leaders choose one of four citadel layouts and whether they want sunshine or moonlight.

Citadels also come with portal grounds, meeting rooms, senates and party rooms. You can customise the decor as well as hang banners and fly flags bearing your colours.

"This update has been designed to make RuneScape's clan support the envy of MMO world," boasted RuneScape VP Daniel Clough.

"We know that the functionality and gameplay on offer will appeal to clans from other MMOs who long for better group play experiences, and we warmly invite new clans to check out the update and judge for themselves just what RuneScape has to offer."

RuneScape Clan Citadels.

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