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Player takes impressive stab at recreating cult corridor horror PT in Media Molecule's Dreams

Don't touch that dial now, we're just getting started.

Media Molecule's upcoming Dreams is nothing if not ambitious, aiming to offer PS4 owners the tools to create anything they can imagine, from dioramas to full-blown games. And if you're curious to know how impressive the results can be when actual players get their hands on it, well, just take a look at this attempt to recreate Hideo Kojima's cult corridor horror PT in Dreams...

The 30-second slice of terror was posted on Twitter over the weekend by the mysterious Sergeantbike, and features a familiar jaunt down PT's endlessly looping L-shaped corridor. Inevitably, there are visual downgrades in terms of detail - the vast majority of picture frames don't have actual pictures in them, for instance - but it nails the atmosphere.

The environmental recreation does a great job of capturing PT's oppressive lighting and grimy ambience, even squeezing in a few familiar sound samples - such as the suspiciously peppy radio announcer and the unforgettable, omnipresent whine of the hallway light. All in all, it's a stellar effort and a promising display of just how adaptable Dreams' creation tools can be.

And for easier comparison (real PT at the top, obviously).

It's probably worth noting, however, that the video, seemingly created by a player with access to the recently launched Dreams beta, appears to contravene the terms of Media Molecule's non-disclosure agreement - as pointed out in the responses to the original tweet. At the time of writing, though, its spookiness remains available for all to see.

Of course, if this is the kind of thing that newcomers to Dreams are able to whip up during the limited-time beta, it'll be fascinating to see the sort of experiences that come into being once players have really got to grips with the tools after full release. As for when that will be, no specific launch date has yet been revealed, but it's planned to arrive on PS4 later this year.

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