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New Darwinia level, patch

New demo is brand new level.

The Dar-For-The-Win-ia chaps at Introversion have released a brand new demo of Darwinia, one of the most interesting PC games we've played since, er, their other one, Uplink. And, brilliantly, it's an entirely new scenario not included in the full game, so you'll want to check it out even if you already own the game.

You can grab hold of it using your mouse as some sort of electronic butterfly net on the game's official website. Another thing the demo does is show off the new icon-based control system (with full tutorial), which should please people who didn't get on with the mouse-gesture system that was in there to begin with.

There's also a new 1.3 patch that enables that control mechanism as an option in the full game. Veterans of the Darwinian repopulation can also check out a full changelist for the patch while it's downloading.

If you're new to Darwinia and like the demo, you can buy the full game from the website too. Brilliantly (we're trying to get Google to associate "Darwinia" and "brilliantly", ya see. Brilliantlybrilliantlybrilliantly) you can actually download a full version of the game once you've bought it online, so you can play it while the boxed one is being Royal Mailed your way. That's brilliant.

As is the game, which you should have picked up on by now. No? Play the demo and read the review.

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