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Worms 3D demo isn't quite that

The worm has turned (out to be a leak).

Tying in with yesterday's first impressions quite nicely, a Worms 3D demo has made its way onto the net. You might well be interested to know however that despite the demo being mirrored by file sites all over the shop, it is actually a leak of the code that was being demonstrated at this year's ECTS. Team 17 itself has denied that it was the source of the leak, so we expect it's currently sat across the lunch hall from Sega with a quivering lip and clenched fists, with a banana bomb poking out of its back pocket.

So anyway, the 60MB "demo" comes in both English and German flavours and features one-on-one multiplayer limited to eight minutes on one map. You can also pick up the demo from the rather uncomfortably named Gamer's Hell: English / German.

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