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Acclaim trustees auction off rights to 200 games

Liquidation process continues.

The trustees responsible for overseeing the liquidation of bankrupt publisher Acclaim have set up a new website listing more than 200 videogame titles for which publishing rights are now available.

The website, which was set up by trustees David R. Maltz & Co., displays a full list of games that are up for grabs plus details of bids made so far - which range from USD 5000 for a title such as Combat Elite to USD 75,000 for the Extreme G series.

There are a number of licensed titles on the list, such as games based around the Simpsons, Mary Kate & Ashley and South Park, plus the original Burnout. It seems likely that anyone picking up one of these would also need to enter into negotiations with the current license holder, however. In addition, it's unclear whether developers would be due further royalties if more copies of their games were sold.

Acclaim went bankrupt in September 2004 following huge net losses and a major decline in revenues. Former CEO Rod Cousens attempted to build a new company out of the ashes, but Acclaim's US administrators fought the move in the courts and won.

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