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America's Army updates


There's a new version of America's Army available. Sadly, we're not talking America's actual Army, but rather the virtual team-based multiplayer combat version.

New additions to v1.9.0 include the Medic class and all of its associated training courses, which include Airway Management, Controlling Bleeding and Treating Shock. To go with this new class, a new and rather detailed damage model has been introduced; each bullet carries a maximum amount of damage potential, and when a soldier is hit only a portion of that potential is immediately inflicted. The rest of the damage potential incurs over time through blood loss and the loss of combat effectiveness.

Elsewhere the changes are mostly cosmetic, with new character models, a new interface, detail textures, player shadows and lip-synching and facial animations in training maps. Oh and PunkBuster support is now included, which would apparently make America's Army a great deal more efficient. The game version, that is. You can have a look at the full list of changes here, or grab the horrifically large 605MB full install here.

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