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Take-Two gathers Chrome

Deal reflects well on Polish developer.

Gathering (can we please call it "The Gathering", Take-Two?) has signed up Techland's Polish FPS Chrome for release across Europe in September.

Chrome, which somewhat refreshingly is based on Techland's own game engine, stars Bolt Logan, "an ex Special Forces soldier, whose twisted criminal past as one of the galaxies' most hardened mercenaries has sent him to the Valkyria Galaxy in search of work". Bolt sounds a lot like Brad Tethers from Space Attack: Cobra - The Unicorn Incident, if you ask us! Anyway, Bolt obviously ends up embroiled in a struggle between giant corporations, pirates and colonists.

Chrome will consist of 14 missions on five worlds, with jungle and desert sections to name a couple and some violent weather conditions. Bolt will be able to take control of vehicles on land, sea and in the air, and these should also come into play in the Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch multiplayer modes.

Until September, then. It'll be nice to see Chrome in the shops, as it's been kicking around for quite a while now.

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