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Mafia II, Civ V will use Steamworks

Mafia II Deluxe Ed on pre-order now.

2K Games has picked the Steamworks set of developer tools for Mafia II and Civilization V.

Steamworks takes care of auto updates, DLC, Steam Achievements, statistics and so on. But being intrinsically linked to the Steam store means some digital distributors have, in the past, refused to stock Steamworks games.

Direct2Drive, Impulse and Gamersgate all forfeited the release of Modern Warfare 2 for precisely this reason. Will they do the same here? We'll see.

2K also announced the Digital Deluxe Edition of Mafia II, which is available for pre-order at "select retailers" and Steam now. The Digital Deluxe Edition offers extra in-game cars and suits; a digital art book; orchestral soundtrack and digital map of Empire Bay.

The Digital Deluxe Edition costs £40 on Steam. The Standard Edition is £30.

Mafia II at E3.

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Mafia II

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