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MadWorld given solid release date

PlatinumGames' first out very soon.

SEGA has confirmed that MadWorld will be released for Wii on 20th March.

PlatinumGames' blood-soaked action game did a lot to win us over in our recent MadWorld hands-on preview, and despite the gushing claret it's more House of the Dead meets God Hand than Hostel.

"The result of all this clockwork carnage is looking rather special, promising a game as immediate and rewarding as Smash TV, but with the same level of style and flourish as Jet Set Radio," we said at the time.

Look out for our review closer to release. PlatinumGames is also working on Bayonetta, Infinite Space and an unannounced Shinji Mikami project as part of a deal with SEGA.

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