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MadWorld dated for the US

Early March. Europe waits.

SEGA has smacked a US date of 10th March on brutal Wii action game MadWorld.

Europe, however, has nothing more concrete than "March" to go by. We're pestering the publisher for something more specific.

Strangely, MadWorld has yet to be rated by the ESRB for sale in the US. The BBFC cleared the game for sale here with no cuts, stamping an 18 rating on the box.

MadWorld has caused a censor-y stir, mostly because an over-the-top fighting game where signs can be thrust through squidgy heads is not the sort of thing the expanded Wii audience usually sees.

That said, Nintendo US almost-boss Cammie Dunaway believes MadWorld will be crucial to sating the hunger of the core Wii crowd.

Plus, with developer PlatinumGames - made up of former Clover Studio employees (God Hand, Okami, Viewtiful Joe) - at the helm, the pedigree should be more than apparent.

Head over to our MadWorld gamepage for our coverage so far and look out for our hands-on impressions later today.

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