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Looks like Mass Effect: Legendary Edition launches in March

Hope that doesn't Wrex any plans.

A couple of online retailers have now listed the upcoming Mass Effect: Legendary Edition for release on 12th March 2021.

EA is yet to officially announce a date for its remastered Mass Effect trilogy pack beyond a vague spring window but, barring any further delays, Eurogamer understands the above date to currently be accurate.

Singapore retailer Shopitree and Indonesian outlet GSShop both have Mass Effect: Legendary Edition down for 12th March, as spotted by Twitter user Idle Sloth.

We're yet to see how much of a remaster the Legendary Edition will be, but hopefully an impending release date announcement means we'll get our first look at gameplay very soon.

Back in November, BioWare announced the Legendary Edition with word that it would feature updated "textures, shaders, models, effects and technical features" as well as all single-player DLC and promotional packs, remastered for 4K Ultra HD.

"Our goal was not to remake or reimagine the original games, but to modernise the experience so that fans and new players can experience the original work in its best possible form," BioWare boss Casey Hudson said at the time.

BioWare also has a brand-new Mass Effect project in the early stages of development, and a teasing trailer shown during December's Game Awards revealed what looked like a return to the original trilogy's Milky Way setting. Probably.

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