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Lionhead confirms Fable II DLC delay

Following Xbox.com report. Late Jan now.

Lionhead has confirmed to Eurogamer that the Fable II: Knothole Island downloadable expansion pack has been delayed until January 2009.

An announcement on Xbox.com yesterday said the pack had been pushed back from 22nd December until "late January", which the developer confirmed this morning.

Xbox.com cited "unexpected technical difficulties".

Knothole Island, which will cost 800 Microsoft Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60), introduces a new area full of quests and other bonuses off-shore.

Fable II, which came out in late October, is one of our favourite games of the year, as you probably established with our Fable II review.

Check out last week's post-mortem interview (on video, too) for more.

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