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Layton Brothers Mystery Room available now on iOS

The Wright stuff.

A new Professor Layton spin-off has emerged from Level-5 with Layton Brothers Mystery Room, an iOS crime-solving adventure available today in Europe and North America on the App Store.

Unlike the proper Professor Layton adventure, Mystery Room casts you as constable Lucy Baker, who works under Hershel Layton's inspector son, Alfendi. This spin-off bears more in common with Phoenix Wright as its core design is based around investigating crime scenes and presenting contradictory evidence in the titular mystery room (i.e. Layton's office).

Having played the first case I can say that it feels very similar to the Ace Attorney series and it's nice to play as the spunky female sidekick for a change (even if the role itself is a cliche). Like that series, it sometimes takes too long to click through the dialogue to prove what you've already deduced, but for the most part it's engaging detective fiction with plenty of offbeat humour, plot twists and red herrings.

The first two of nine episodes are free. After that it's ₤1.99 / €2.69 / $2.99 for cases 3-6, and ₤1.49 / €1.79 / $1.99 for cases 7-9.

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