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Jovovich outs Resident Evil: Retribution

Tokyo scenes confirmed for next movie.

The next Resident Evil movie is subtitled Retribution and some scenes will be filmed in Tokyo, according to series star Milla Jovovich.

Jovovich, who plays super soldier Alice in the movies, took to Twitter to chat about the new movie.

"i LOVE tokyo! 1 of my FAVORITE cities in the world! we're gonna come film some scens 4 the nxt RE in tokyo!!!"," she tweeted (reported by Rely on Horror).

Then, "no, its not called"begins"lol! it"began" 10 yrs ago! lol! i think its called RE: Retribution, but i have to ask paul [producer Paul W S Anderson] 2 b sure."

The fifth film, planned for release in September 2012, follows the gargantuan success of Resident Evil: Afterlife.

The Paul W S Anderson-directed action movie grossed nearly $300 million at the box office.

Meanwhile, Jovovich called popular Resident Evil monsters Hunters "big frogs". Guess they won't turn up in the film, then.

She also described Anderson's kids as "professional" Resident Evil players.

"all they do is play the games till they master every level and unlock every code. they play the games for WEEKS and give paul the footage," Jovovich said.

"so he's literally watching days of the most awesome RE players out there to get inspiration 4 the nxt instalment of the franchise."

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