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Jelly Deals roundup: £10 off New Nintendo 2DS XL, Infinite Warfare for £12.99, and more

Plus, another way to get £20 off a Switch.

A note from the editor: Jelly Deals is a deals site launched by our parent company, Gamer Network, with a mission to find the best bargains out there. Look out for the Jelly Deals roundup of reduced-price games and kit every Saturday on Eurogamer.

A lot can happen in a week. A lot can happen in a weekend as well, which I say even though I'm about to spend as much of it as possible playing Prey. Before I go and do that, though, there's a whole bunch of the best deals of the week to take a look at, so let's do that, shall we?

As usual, we've got deals that'll work in the UK, deals that'll work in the US and some deals that will work in both the UK and US, as well as presumably many other places. Let's get started.

Giveaway time!

Once again, we're kicking things off with a competition. This time, you can be in with a chance to win one of five PC copies of recently released horror puzzle-platformer Little Nightmares, kindly provided to us by the folks from GOG.com.

Win one of five copies of Little Nightmares from GOG.com and Jelly Deals

UK & US Deals

May the Fourth has come and gone but you can still grab a whole batch of classic Star Wars PC titles with up to 77% off right now. Humble has the whole batch up for grabs, priced from as little as £1.19. Alternatively, you can buy the whole lot with a big discount.

  • Star Wars X-Wing Special Edition for £2.79 / $3.99 / €3.99
  • Star Wars TIE Fighter Special Edition for £2.79 / $3.99 / €3.99
  • Star Wars Empire at War Gold Pack for £3.74 / $4.99 / €4.99
  • Star Wars Rebel Assault 1 & 2 for £2.79 / $3.99 / €3.99
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic for £1.74 / $2.49 / €2.49
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 for £1.74 / $2.49 / €2.49
  • Star Wars Dark Forces for £1.19 / $1.49 / €1.49
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight Academy for £1.74 / $2.49 / €2.49
  • Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3D for £2.79 / $3.99 / €3.99
  • Star Wars Republic Commando for £1.74 / $2.49 / €2.49
  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 for £1.74 / $2.49 / €2.49

Up to 77% off Star Wars titles from Humble Store

GOG's weekly sale has a bunch of games for very little money, and I'm here to tell you that Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut is £2.09 / $2.49 / €2.39 and you really, really need to experience how very strange and beautiful (and kind of awful) that game is. It's an experience, to say the least.

  • The Escapists for £4.39 / $5.36 / €5.09
  • Sheltered for £3.39 / $4.13 / €3.89
  • Lumo for £5.99 / $7.43 / €7.09
  • Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut for £2.09 / $2.49 / €2.39
  • Dustforce DX for £2.09 / $2.49 / €2.39
  • Slain: Back From Hell for £5.29 / $6.49 / €6.19
  • Vertical Drop Heroes HD for £1.09 / $1.24 / €1.29
  • Dreambreak for £2.89 / $3.49 / €3.29
  • Kromaia for £3.79 / $4.64 / €4.39

Weekly Sale from GOG.com

The current Deals with Gold range, available via Xbox Live, includes a bunch of discounts on big Xbox One titles as well as a set of super cheap Xbox 360 games, all of which are backwards compatible. So that's nice.

Xbox One

Xbox 360

There's a brand new Humble Bundle live at the moment, focusing entirely on games that are rated 'Very Positive' or above on Steam. Most notable, of course, is the fact that this bundle includes a tier which will get you a copy of Stephen's Sausage Roll. Enough said, really.

Pay what you want

  • Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings
  • Deadly Tower of Monsters
  • They Bleed Pixels

Pay more than the average

  • Hacknet
  • Crashlands
  • UnderRail

Pay $10 (around £7.74) or more

  • Stephen's Sausage Roll
  • Curious Expedition

Pay what you want for Humble 'Very Positive' Bundle

Games that cost less than a cup of coffee can't be bad, right? See for yourself, since GAME is selling digital PC copies of platforming classic Rayman Origins (via Uplay) for 99p. The code will work in any territory but your mileage may vary on price, however.

Rayman Origins on PC (Uplay) for 99p from GAME

Green Man Gaming is hosting a cross-promotion style sale in conjunction with Intel. The general premise of the sale is to promote games that work at their best when played on an Intel i7 processor. But hey, a sale is a sale and this one has Resident Evil 7 with 36% off. Here are some highlights:

  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 - 75% Off - £3.82 / €5.10 / $6.37
  • Rocket League - 30% Off - £10.49 / €13.99 / $13.99
  • Resident Evil 7 - 36% Off - £25.49 / €31.87 / $38.24
  • 7 Days To Die - 66% Off - £6.46 / €7.82 / $8.50
  • BioShock The Collection - 72% Off - £11.22 / €16.83 / $16.83

Intel Flash Sale from Green Man Gaming

The recently released remaster of Suda51's detective thriller, The Silver Case, is available as a PC download with 40% off right now, from Humble's store. As you can probably expect, a detective thriller coming from the creator of Lollipop Chainsaw, Let It Die, Killer 7 and No More Heroes, all is not what it seems at first and The Silver Case is quite the ride, to say the least.

The Silver Case on PC (Steam) for £9.29 / $11.99 / €11.09 from Humble Store

I'm not ashamed to say that Shovel Knight is one of my favourite from the last few years, so the fact that the little indie game that could is getting its own Official Design Works book release this year is quite exciting to me. The book, which covers the making of the game and the history of the company, is up for pre-order at Amazon UK and US right now.

UK Deals

Not satisfied with releasing a brand new console in March (and a miniature console back in November), Nintendo is set to release yet another console this July. The New Nintendo 2DS XL is seemingly a hybrid of the best bits of the 2DS and the New 3DS, with more processing power and a folding, clamshell design. It also looks really slick. Pre-orders are live now and if you put an order down before the end of Sunday 7th May, you can take an extra £10 off by using the code VG10OFF75 during checkout.

I suppose it shouldn't come as any shock that the instant a brand new Call of Duty game gets announced, last year's model drops to its lowest ever price point. Over at Amazon UK, you can pick up Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on Xbox One or PS4 (along with some Amazon exclusive pin badges and DLC) for £12.99 while stock lasts.

We're just about two months removed from the launch of the Nintendo Switch, but the system is no less in demand now than it was then. Both the Neon and Grey versions tend to sell out within hours when they do crop up, which is why Tesco Direct has decided to start taking pre-orders again. The stock is due back in on May 25th but you can get an extra £20 off that pre-order by entering the code TDX-KPYK at checkout. Sure, you'll have to wait for your console but it'll be cheaper than you can find anywhere else, so that's a plus.

Nintendo Switch (Grey) for £259.99 using code TDX-KPYK from Tesco Direct

Gaming laptops are always a bit pricey, so it's nice to see a discount when they come along, however rare. Over at Ebuyer, you can pick up a 15-inch MSI gaming laptop (2.5GHz i5 processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, GeForce GTX 960M 2GB card) with a £150 discount currently. That makes the total price £599.98, and you'll also get a free SteelSeries Kinzu V3 mouse and mousepad for your troubles.

MSI GL62 gaming laptop for £599.98 from Ebuyer

Recently, SimplyGames has gotten into the habit of offering some of the cheapest options for console buying around. Case in point, you can currently grab an Xbox One S 1TB console along with a copy of Forza Horizon 3 for £199.99. Free next-day delivery, too

Xbox One S 1TB with Forza Horizon 3 for £199.99 from SimplyGames

US Deals

Microsoft is currently taking $100 off the price of this fancy little ASUS Transformer Mini 2-in-1 tablet PC hybrid thingy. That takes the price down to $249 for a limited time by going through Microsoft's own store, which isn't too bad for a shiny new tech thing.

ASUS Transformer Mini 2-in-1 tablet PC for $249 from Microsoft Store

It might be well in advance of the game's actual release date, but NewEgg is currently offering you the chance to pre-order a copy of Star Wars Battlefront 2 on Xbox One, PS4 or PC with 25% off the price. Entering one of the codes below during checkout will take the price down to $44.99, which effectively makes it the cheapest way to get the game at this point in time.

With that, we're done for another week. Keep in mind that deals, prices and availability can change at the drop of a hat, so apologies if you miss out on something you wanted. I'll be over at Jelly Deals, scouring the world wide web for more deals. Feel free to visit, or follow us on Twitter and give us a like on Facebook.

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