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IW denies West/Zampella fallout

Studio is "focused on DLC".

Infinity Ward's vocaliser Robert Bowling has told Eurogamer that "no", he wasn't personally affected by the whole Jason West and Vincent Zampella saga of three weeks ago.

"I mean what we're doing here is focusing on the DLC and getting that out the door," said Bowling, flanked by Activision PR. "Our main focus is making the games we love for the people we love to play them."

When asked whether floods of staff poured out after their former masters, he answered: "No - I mean the whole team here is focused on DLC and that's what we've always been focused on."

Those events have left a question mark lingering over Infinity Ward and its future regarding the Call of Duty series, and the publisher is still reluctant to say whether Infinity Ward will be developing the planned "COD 2011" game.

"We wouldn't have any information on that so stay tuned," answered an Activision PR when we asked Bowling.

Besides "COD 2011", Activision has two other Call of Duty games on the cards: one by series regular Treyarch for autumn 2010, and another - an action-adventure spin-off - by new studio Sledgehammer Games. The latter has no release date.

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