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Halo Wars leaderboards wiped

Robot not sure if accident can be fixed.

Robot Entertainment has revealed that all Halo Wars leaderboards have accidentally been wiped and may now be lost forever.

An "Xbox Live technical issue" is to blame, the developer explained, and as a result all single-player, multiplayer and TrueSkill leaderboards - as well as matchmaking data - have disappeared.

"At this time it’s unknown if the data can be restored," Robot added, "resulting in the Halo Wars leaderboards being reset to original launch day status. The Xbox Live team is investigating the cause, and they will provide an update to the situation as soon as possible.

"We at Robot Entertainment apologise for the Live technical issue and any frustration players have experienced in having their statistics disappear from the leaderboards."

Halo Wars was released back in February, which means an awful lot of data must have disappeared.

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