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Glory Days 2 dated

Ghostlight pops 3D glasses on.

Ghostlight has revealed that freshly acquired title Glory Days 2: Brotherhood of Men will launch across Europe in May.

The game's been created by French brain-box ODenis Studio, which will attempt to combine shoot-'em-up and RTS elements within one intuitive touch-screen control system. Other than that, it's typical warfare, as the goodies face off against whichever baddies are fashionable at this time.

You'll choose to play as one of three heroic aviators, who will lead both ground and air troops through 16 single-player campaigns. As you progress through these, your military might will evolve through history; from WWII bows and arrows up to today's lasers and spaceships.

Once you get bored of all that you'll be able to stampede into Wi-Fi multiplayer, where up to eight players split into two co-operative teams duke it out to complete one objective: capture and destroy the enemy command centre. And if that starts to get a bit stale, you can fiddle with the settings, changing vehicle allocations, weather, gameplay type (action, tactical or strategical) and length of play.

But perhaps the best inclusion here, certainly the one we want to try out, is the 3D glasses. That's right, you can pop on the old shades to witness a real life battle scenario unfold in front of your very eyes.

"Glory Days 2 is highly addictive, with fantastic gameplay combining the best elements of classics such as Choplifter, Silkworm, and Advanced Wars [sic] in one glorious game," said Adrian Clews, marketing executive for Ghostlight. "The multiplayer game and 3D glasses functionality are sensational and sure to be a massive hit with DS owners."

Which now has us thinking of all the other things we could use 3D glasses for.

Pop over to our Glory Days 2: Brotherhood of Men gallery to take a gander at the latest screenshots.

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