Glory Days 2: Brotherhood of Men

Glory Days 2: Brotherhood of Men

Glory Days 2: Brotherhood of Men

As opposed to what?

Glory Days 2 is built upon one of those fabulously unrealistic videogame propositions: that the person directing the battle is a bloke in a warplane blitzing the front. Each level is a fight between two columns of tanks and infantry, which trundle steadily towards one another from opposite ends of a 2D, side-scrolling map, capturing a scattered crop of control-points along the way, with the eventual goal of toppling the other side's base. Your role is simultaneously to fly above them bombing the enemy, and to decide when best to deploy reinforcements, fire V2 rockets or parachute troops into gaps to capture territory. Given your twin roles as the most and least expendable units on the battlefield, you're in a unique position to control the war.

You're also in a unique position to constantly forget what you're doing and not be able to act on it anyway. Playing the Top Gun role, you dive-bomb tanks, dodge AA guns, and bring down enemy choppers before they can destroy your own rolling metal. Soon the 2D mini-map in the top-left shows big gaps and uncaptured points ready to be plundered as the enemy struggles to reinforce. But before you can tell yourself that you can be your own wingman anytime, you realise that you forgot to take advantage of your success, to the effect that your own armoured caravan is down to a couple of tanks and a confused-looking rifleman, despite a mountain of resources waiting to be spent on new armour back at the base. In the time it takes for the stuff you then commission to reach the gap, the enemy's done the same and it's back to square one.

Conditioning yourself to remember, you find that being a General at the same time as a warplane or helicopter is simply a bit inconvenient. You have to duck out of battle to gather the lemming-like refugees whose return to base builds up extra resources, or to juggle the R-button build-tree. Remembering to act so that it dovetails into your aerial offensive is a bit functional, like remembering to water the plants or put out the rubbish. You smack your head and go "oof" when you forget. But, like neglectfully allowing your girlfriend's flowers to wilt and die in what you have to admit is spectacularly metaphorical fashion, it's not really the end of the world. It's not even the end of the level: you can just keep plugging away, as resources are built up through accurate gunplay or the saviour of respawning civvies; you can regularly refuel, re-arm and recover whenever you touch down at base; and it's not all that hard anyway, even if you are flying the flag for Blackadderian levels of militaristic incompetence.

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Ghostlight has revealed that freshly acquired title Glory Days 2: Brotherhood of Men will launch across Europe in May.