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VideoJim Ross interviews CM Punk and Stone Cold about WWE 13

Hot new WWE 13 promo video. (Let me have my fun.)

Full disclosure: I am aware that this sort of thing only interests me and about eight other people. But what is the point of editing a games website if you don't get to post stuff that only appeals to you and eight other people?

VideoEurogamer TV talks WWE 13 with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jim Ross

James Hills goes in search of the bottom line.

If you read Chris Donlan's WWE 13 preview last month then you know a few important things: 1) He got to go to Summer Slam, and is therefore a lucky git. 2) It's another extremely polished fighting game based on the noble art of jumping around on canvas and trying to avoid lying down for too long. And 3) While it's full of contemporary superstars, it's also a bit of a trip down memory lane.