Split/Second: Velocity


Epic Mickey 2, Pure and Split/Second launch on Steam

Disney resurrects back catalogue on PC.

Zynga buys CSR, Clumsy Ninja dev NaturalMotion

Mattrick orders record spend for mobile muscle.

Former Bizarre dev: next gen can save the racing genre

New tech will add "another level of immersion and quality".

Epic Mickey 2, Pure and Split/Second launch on Steam

Disney resurrects back catalogue on PC.

Zynga buys CSR, Clumsy Ninja dev NaturalMotion

Mattrick orders record spend for mobile muscle.

Former Bizarre dev: next gen can save the racing genre

New tech will add "another level of immersion and quality".

Split/Second dev officially closes doors

Brighton's Black Rock no more.

Epic's Gamble discusses studio closures

Disney buying Black Rock "made no sense".

Why Disney closed Black Rock

"No longer sees console as a priority."

Black Rock's final project revealed

F2P Champions Alliance was 6 months away.

Split/Second dev Black Rock to close

Remaining 40 staff made redundant.

Split/Second devs start new studio

Black Rock staff set up ShortRound Games.

Laid-off Split/Second devs resurface

Black Rock employees start new studio.

Black Rock sale attempted, no buyer found

No interest in Split/Second dev.

Split/Second studio lay-offs confirmed

UPDATE: Disney gives the nod.

Disney confirms "restructuring process"

Half of staff at interactive division axed.

Feature | Fingers on the pulse

Which games get your heart racing the most?

Killzone 3 beta theme goes live tomorrow

Plus, free Fallout 3 DLC for PS Plus users.

Split/Second DLC released today

New cars and skins for PS3/360.

Black Rock wants Split/Second feedback

Will help shape DLC and future titles.

Black Rock details Split/Second DLC

Liveries! Cars! New environment!

UK chart: Crackdown 2 still top

Toy Story 3 goes in at five.

Alan Wake has a US sales nightmare

Split/Second, Blur, POP fail to perform.

Black Rock hiring for unannounced game

Positions available on PS3 and 360 title.

Digital Foundry | Split/Second performance analysis

360 has the edge in this close-fought battle.

Digital Foundry | Split/Second: Velocity 360/PS3 Face-Off

Black Rock's latest running on both HD consoles.

Digital Foundry | Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3: Round 26

Split/Second, Lost Planet 2, Green Day: Rock Band, Prince of Persia and Backbreaker.

UK charts: Red Dead Redemption is top

Split/Second, Prince of Persia appear.

Video | All about the design of Split/Second

See what happened on the drawing board.

Video | Split/Second Airplane Graveyard lap

When everything goes off in one lap.

Video | Split/Second: first 15 minutes

Find out how Black Rock's racer begins.

Video | Survival mode in Split/Second

Chase the big-rigs and dodge the barrels. Simple.

Video | Split/Second's Airstrike mode

Danger close! Danger close!

Video | Race footage from Split/Second: Velocity

Ranked Elite Race from the end of an 'episode'.

Digital Foundry | Tech Interview: Split/Second

Digital Foundry gets technical with tech director David Jefferies.

Video | Devs talk up Split/Second audio

How it contributes to the experience.

Split/Second: Velocity Multiplayer

Spend a little time together.

Split/Second helicopter modes shown

Dodge waves of missiles and fight back.

Video | Split/Second: Velocity - helicopter fights!

Air Strike and Air Revenge modes detailed.

No "unfair advantage" in Split/Second DLC

Game director Nick Baynes explains.

First Split/Second DLC detailed

"Hyper" cars add "instant advantage".

Digital Foundry | Split/Second demo showdown

PS3 and 360 sampler code on the grid.

Video | Split-Second Demo PS3/360 Analysis

Head-to-head comparison of Black Rock's demo.

Video | The cars and tracks of Split/Second

The staff at Brighton's Black Rock talk tracks and traction.

Split/Second PS3 demo next week

Xbox 360 sampler went up yesterday.

Video | Exclusive Split/Second footage

We put the 360 demo through its paces.

Split/Second demo on Xbox Live

From Pure-maker Black Rock Studio.

Split/Second developer challenges rivals

Wants to face others in go-kart racing.

Split/Second DLC revealed

First pack free with Play pre-orders.

Split/Second renamed and dated

Subtitled Velocity and due in May.

Split/Second zooms to May 2010

Black Rock's destructive racer.


Fire works.

Video | Split/Second - Docks trailer

One of the stars of the EG Expo.

Exclusive Split/Second powerplay vid

How it works, sexy gameplay footage.

Video | Exclusive Split/Second powerplays trailer

How it works, sexy gameplay footage.

Black Rock shows Split/Second Docks

Nick Baynes demos fancy racer at Expo.

Split/Second coming to the Expo

Mass Effect 2 and Army of Two 2 too.

MS drops 360's 720p requirement

Devs now free to make "trade-off".

Feature | Split/Second

Handling with care.


Project got 'em!


More from the airport level.

Split/Second is reality TV racer

City wired with explosives, out 2010.

Black Rock's new game is Split Second

Looks like a Burnout-style arcade racer.