Kuru Kuru Kuruin meets gleefully silly FMV in this wonderfully tactile arcade game.

Roundabout review

RecommendedRoundabout review

Centrifugal farce.

Roundabout's taken more from Kuru Kuru Kururin than its central spindizzy mechanic. Both cast you as endlessly rotating sticks, in essence, trying to navigate increasingly complex mazes without wiping out on the walls. And both also seem to share a delight in physicality, a belief in being things as much as video games. Roundabout's cityscape feels more like a shove ha'penny board or a marble run than a digital playground: you can almost touch the wood, the tin, the plastic, the cardboard. It all comes down to craftsmanship. The ideas are simple, but the sheer tactile loveliness of the implementation serves to elevate everything.

Price and availability

Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam: Ł10.99

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There's something a little bit special about Roundabout, the amazing looking new game from Dan Teasdale - he wot did The Gunstringer before. If I had to describe it - and I guess it kind of is my job to do that - I'd say it's a mix between Crazy Taxi and Gameboy Advance gem Kuru Kuru Kururin, in which you take control of a revolving limousine and set about an open world.

Spinning limousine arcade adventure Roundabout release date set for September

Roundabout is one of the silliest games on the horizon and now it's coming to PS4 in addition to its already announced Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux release. The computer versions are set for an 18th September launch on Steam and the Humble Store, while the PS4 and Xbox One versions are gunning for an early 2015 release.

For the uninitiated, Roundabout is the brainchild of ex-Twisted Pixel folks at new indie outfit No Goblin. The goofy game puts players in control of a perpetually spinning limousine and it's your job to guide your reckless vessel through the city escorting clients in the most stupidly dangerous manner possible.

Did I mention all the cutscenes are FMV?

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