Rise of Nightmares


Rise of Nightmares, Captain America sales

US and European markets "weak" says Sega.

Review | Rise of Nightmares

Cheese before bedtime.

Video | Rise of Nightmares Kinect trailer

And people's faces in slow-motion.

Rise of Nightmares, Captain America sales

US and European markets "weak" says Sega.

Review | Rise of Nightmares

Cheese before bedtime.

Video | Rise of Nightmares Kinect trailer

And people's faces in slow-motion.

Out This Week - 09/09/11

Island! Fox! Resistance! Marine! Shaddai!

Video | Bloody Rise of Nightmares footage

Gory Kinect exclusive out 6th Sept.

Bloody Rise of Nightmares Kinect pics

Kinect's first truly adult game?

Feature | Kinect's Second Wave

Star Wars, Sesame Street, Disneyland and Rise of Nightmares.

MS hopes for Kinect boost in Japan

Admits it failed to meet expectations.

Rise of Nightmares release date

A mature Kinect game at last.

Rise of Nightmares plot details leak

Kinect horror promises skimpy underwear.

SEGA's Rise of Nightmare for Kinect

"Wake up to a new wave of horror."