Red Faction: Battlegrounds News

Darksiders and Red Faction sold to Nordic Games

Gearbox paid $1.35 million for Homeworld, 505 acquired Drawn to Life.

THQ taking bids for Darksiders, Red Faction, Homeworld et al from 1st April

And Titan Quest and Costume Quest and Stacking, and and and...

THQ abandons Red Faction franchise

No "meaningful" future for Volition's series.

UK dev THQ Digital Warrington closes

36 staff are made redundant - report.

THQ UK closure: an insider's perspective

"We could have made something special."

THQ shuts Red Faction: Battlegrounds dev

No more Juice left in the tank.

PlayStation Plus April and May content

This is "the biggest month yet" - Sony.

Red Faction spin-off, movie "justified"

"Big enough fanbase" for transmedia.

Red Faction: Battlegrounds release date

XBLA and PSN game "a quick little snack".

Red Faction XBLA/PSN game revealed

Isometric co-op arena romp.