Rayman: Fiesta Run

Rayman Fiesta Run review

Much as the delightful Rayman Legends improved and evolved Rayman Origins, so too does Rayman Fiesta Run build on the solid foundations set down by last year's Rayman Jungle Run.

It's another mixture of rhythmical platformer and endless runner, then, but the biggest changes have been to the game's structure. Whereas Jungle Run divided itself up into short worlds, each built around one of Rayman's abilities, Fiesta Run takes its cue from social games like Candy Crush.

Wait, don't run off! It just means that progress through the game is via a snaking pathway, along which you can also see where your friends are up to. Dotted along the path are gifts, bonus characters and little offshoots containing new levels. The more glowing golden Lums you collect in each level, the further down the path you'll advance, unlocking more levels and so on. It's a change for the better, quite frankly, since it explicitly ties your success in the levels to your success in the game at large.

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