Rayman Jungle Run

App of the Day: Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman's never been a great character, but his games have always been pretty good. Take Rayman 2, for example. It isn't shamelessly wheeled out at the launch of every new console simply to swell Ubi's coffers - though that's a part of it, probably - but because it's a genuinely decent platformer.

Yet it's only recently that Michael Ancel's limbless wonder seems to have found his true identity. Last year's Rayman Origins might just have been his finest adventure to date, and Wii U exclusive Legends looks even better, with a real chance of upsetting Mario as the console's best launch platformer.

Happily, Jungle Run maintains Rayman's upward trajectory. Ubisoft has found a smart way of bringing the character to iOS in the form of an auto-runner. The name is bound to attract lazy - though perhaps not entirely unwanted, if you're Ubisoft's bank manager - comparisons with Temple Run. Its most accurate comparison is in fact the bonus stages of Origins - only here the pesky running business is handled automatically, with you responsible for Rayman's other actions. And instead of chasing a chest, you're following a golden trail of the firefly-like Lums.

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