Primordia review

Primordia review

Judge droid.

Amnesia is the video game scriptwriter's best friend. Give yourself a protagonist who doesn't know who they are, and you've got a head start on how the story will unfold as they piece together their past.

Horatio Nullbuilt, the robotic hero of point-and-click adventure Primordia, at least has a good excuse for his forgetfulness: he's version five of a lineage of indistinct origin, completely unaware of what his previous iterations got up to. More to the point, he doesn't much care. When we meet him he's quite happy living in the ruins of a crashed spaceship in a war-ravaged wilderness, with only his hovering handyman companion, Crispin Horatiobuilt, for company. Then, out of the blue, a hulking boxy robot with lasers in its arms bursts in, steals their power core and leaves Horatio for dead.

It's here that the adventure begins, and your first order of business is simple: get the back-up generator so Horatio and Crispin can recharge before they wind down forever. Once that's achieved, the goal is to track down that thieving robot and get your power core back. That in turn leads our squabbling pair to the robot city of Metropol where things... well, that's where they get really interesting.

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