Mythos News

Mythos open beta dates announced

Diablo-alike hack-and-slash MMO.

Mythos closed beta sign-ups open

Flagship's MMO rescued proper.

Mythos fans "don't have to worry now"

HanbitSoft to make MMO "globally popular".

Hellgate: London still dead to the west

Confirmed: relaunch is Asia-only.

Hellgate to return with new expansion

HanbitSoft resuscitates "world's best game".

Roper opens up about Flagship demise

Firing staff was hardest day ever.

Mythos developer becomes Runic Games

Rat-punchers from a sinking Flagship.

Hellgate and Mythos live on

New studio formed to pick up work.

Mythos beta closes down

That's a bit more than a "bump", Max.

Flagship "still operating" but has no staff

Roper says "core" team still intact.

Flagship Studios closes doors

Hellgate, Mythos dev no more.

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We're giving them away.

Flagship's casual MMO details

Diablo-inspired game goes alpha.