Monster Hunter Portable 3rd News

Sony "will probably be the last to announce" next-gen plans

French boss suggests Monster Hunter Vita due out soon.

Big games missing from PSP to Vita UMD Passport list

No Monster Hunter, no MGS Peace Walker.

Capcom: Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D "performed solidly"

SSF4: Arcade Edition "basically achieved projected sales".

Capcom FY2011 results: 5 million-sellers

But mysteriously no SSFIV 3DS results.

Monster Hunter continues Japan success

Set to be best-selling game for 2010.

What is Capcom's fastest-selling game?

Clue: it's not Street Fighter.

Kojima reveals Monster Hunter crossover

PSP game to star Felyne as well as Snake.

New Monster Hunter PSP announced

Out in Japan by the end of the year.