Metroid Prime News

Metroid Prime developer reveals intense crunch on Nintendo classic

"Two times I was there for 48 hours straight with one hour of sleep."

Metroid Prime 2D fan demo released

Self-destruct sequence initiated.

Next proper Metroid Prime "would likely now be on NX"

Trilogy producer mulls time-travel mechanic.

See how classic Nintendo games look with the Oculus Rift

Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, Ocarina of Time and Mario Kart!

GameCube celebrates 10th birthday in the UK

Nintendo's purple wonder, one decade old.

Metroid series hits 25th Anniversary

It's been Aran the block.

Metroid Prime dev "making Wii 2 game"

"A project everyone wants us to do."

Metroid Prime series not finished?

Producer considering multiplayer.

Nintendo giving NES Metroid away

To Metroid Prime Trilogy owners.

Metroid Prime trilogy coming to Wii

Confirmed for US, but no Euro plans yet.

Wii's Cube remakes coming to Europe

Pikmins, Metroids, Mario Tennis in 2009.

Metroid 3 to launch with Wii

Wave your wand at Samus.