Lord of Arcana


Review | Lord of Arcana

Arcana believe it.

Out This Week - 04/02/2011

Earthrise! Mario! Arcana! Nail'd!

Video | Lord of Arcana boss battles trailer

PSP monster fighter launches 4th Feb.

Review | Lord of Arcana

Arcana believe it.

Out This Week - 04/02/2011

Earthrise! Mario! Arcana! Nail'd!

Video | Lord of Arcana boss battles trailer

PSP monster fighter launches 4th Feb.

Lord of Arcana

Monster mash-up.

Square Enix shows more Lord of Arcana

Launches 4th February on PSP.

Square offers Lord of Arcana PSP demo

Carry XP over into main game.

Dissidia, 3rd Birthday for spring 2011

Square Enix details impressive PSP line-up.