La-Mulana 2 is coming to PC next year

UPDATE: Creator says it will be "less confusing" than the first game.

UPDATE: In what's sure to be a divisive move, La-Mulana creator Takumi Naramura has said that he wishes to make the sequel less confusing than the first game.

WiiWare sales now

WiiWare sales now "almost non-existent"

La-Mulana publisher cans EU/US launch plans, admits players "have moved on".

WiiWare sales numbers are now "almost non-existent", the publisher of retro side-scroller La-Mulana has said.

Indie publisher Nicalis has cancelled La-Mulana's planned WiiWare release in Europe and the US, claiming it was now "near impossible to sell sufficient units on WiiWare".

Japanese developer Nigoro first launched La-Mulana on PC in 2008. An updated WiiWare version was in development for several years and finally saw light of day in Japan last June.

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