Just Dance


Why music games aren't dead

New book predicts a healthy future.

Just Dance 2 a record-breaker on Wii

Best-selling third-party Wii game ever.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood total sales

Ubisoft makes a killing on the dance floor.

Just Dance 2 tops 5 million sales

Ubisoft: It's "revitalised" the music genre.

Why music games aren't dead

New book predicts a healthy future.

Just Dance 2 a record-breaker on Wii

Best-selling third-party Wii game ever.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood total sales

Ubisoft makes a killing on the dance floor.

Just Dance 2 tops 5 million sales

Ubisoft: It's "revitalised" the music genre.

Just Dance sequel on the way

Win the chance to star in it.

UK charts: Just Dance denies BFBC2

Dancing more popular than war death.

UK charts go gaga for Just Dance

Ubisoft's budget Wii game on top again.

UK charts: Just Dance staying alive

MW2 still at two, Dark Void plummets.

Review | Just Dance

Gonna be surprisingly OK.

UK charts: Just Dance defeats MW2

Ubisoft's Wii game comes from behind.

Just Dance

Ubisoft's new Wii workout game.

Ubisoft doing dance game for Wii

Burn calories safely, at home.